Experience the
Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Simulated High Altitude Training.

Experience the
Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Simulated High Altitude Training.

TRAIN at ALtitude

Elite athletes train at high-altitude to give themselves a legal way to gain an edge in their performance. Training at altitude increases the amount of oxygen your body can naturally absorb.

The lower oxygen concentration in the Altitude room makes your body work harder without increasing your physical workload making workout sessions more time effective – which, in turn, reduces strain on joints and muscles

The concept

Simulated altitude training works by immersing the body in an oxygen reduced atmosphere. After a while training in this unusual environment can cause the body to adapt in an effort to more effectively utilise the lower oxygen in order to produce the energy needed to train.

As a result, our heart, lungs, muscles and blood oxygen flow become more efficient and when back in normal conditions, we can become fitter, faster, stronger, improve our endurance or simply speed up our health & weight loss goals.

The results

Training at altitude (a hypoxic environment) is scientifically proven to trigger a range of physiological responses not achievable in normal training programs as the body adapts to cope with the reduction of oxygen taken into the lungs.

These physiological adaptions include enhanced fat metabolism, boosted production of red blood cells and capillaries and a strengthened immune system, and can lead to significant improvements in your performance, health and fitness.

Up to 37% more endurance (exercise-till-exhaustion)
Up to 25% more efficient workout than at sea-level
Up to 15% more weight loss
Up to 9% more strength
Up to 3% more power and speed